Class Spotlight: Mid-Day Movement

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center offers aquatic exercises good for all fitness levelsFitness articles appear in the media on almost a daily basis proclaiming the need to perform balance training or strength work or to work on your core. Sometimes there is a video clip or a picture of an exercise that MIGHT have been possible when you were 20 years old, but twisting into a pretzel or holding a push up position for 3 minutes seems a little risky. How do you know what is appropriate for you?


For many people joining an exercise class led by a trusted professional can be the answer to that question. Participating in a class led by a knowledgeable instructor provides you with new ideas, helps you appropriately challenge yourself and offers a setting that helps keep you motivated.


Why Mid-Day Movement May be Right for You


Mid-Day Movement is just this kind of class. Taught on Tuesdays at 10:30am by Wendy Broekema, this class offers a mix of movements that help develop body awareness as you improve strength, balance and flexibility. Wendy has a wide knowledge base that allows for variety and creativity in the exercises and movement patterns she leads. Class activities will include walking and balance patterns on the track, balance boards, resistance bands and hand weights, floor exercise and more!


If you have questions as to whether this is the right class for you, contact Lisa Milbrandt at (608) 265-8317, or This class is appropriate for those with mild to moderate limitations from orthopedic injuries or osteoarthritis.


Mid-Day Movement Instructor: Wendy Broekema

Wendy Broekema is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor, has a Masters degree in nutrition and certifications in teaching TRX and other exercise programs. She has taught a variety of classes here since 2014. You can learn more about Wendy through a Staff Spotlight.