Class Spotlight: Feldenkrais Method Returns


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UW Health Fitness Center News: woman doing FeldenkraisHere at the UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center we are fortunate to offer Feldenkrais Method® classes and individual therapy.


Hagit Vardi, our outstanding instructor, brought her skills and passion for Feldenkrais to us in 2005. Her class, as well as her individual practice, has grown steadily over the past seven years.


As some of you have noticed, Feldenkrais has been missing from our Center for the first half of 2011, as Hagit was living in Israel. During her time away, Hagit and her husband Uri taught a Feldenkrais course for musicians at the Tel Aviv University. They also conducted several Feldenkrais workshops.


Hagit also spent a large portion of her time away enhancing her training. She had the opportunity to participate in Feldenkrais workshops that focused on specialized issues, such as working with post-trauma patients. She also took courses in biodynamic craniosacral work and body-mind centering.


Hagit is now eager to restart her Feldenkrais offerings and incorporate her new knowledge for the benefit of her students.


About the Feldenkrais Method®


Share This StoryFeldenkrais Method® uses gentle movements to help you rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement. This is primarily a mat-based class. The teacher guides students through sequences of gentle movements, allowing students to move within comfortable ranges of motion. Through these lessons people become aware of habits and rigidities while they explore more efficient ways to move and increase their ease of range of motion.


Whether high-performing athletes or infrequent exercisers, we all feel the effects of our daily postures and the injuries we acquire through recreational activities and through life and work. Feldenkrais Method® practice can help replace inefficient and uncomfortable movement patterns with efficiency and ease.


In Awareness Through Movement classes, people engage in precisely-structured movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving and imagining. Each lesson consists of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity.


Awareness Through Movement lessons increase awareness of habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities, and expand options for choosing new ways of moving. There are hundreds of Awareness Through Movement lessons contained in the Feldenkrais Method® that vary, for all levels of movement ability, from simple in structure and physical demand to more difficult.