Class Spotlight: Cross Training

Woman doing sit-ups on an exercise ballCross training is an efficient workout offering great variety. This class includes training for cardiovascular fitness, balance, agility, mobility, stability and strength all rolled into one.


Appreciate the opportunity to be individually challenged while working within a group environment. Improve your overall fitness level as you enhance awareness of your body. Discover yourself in new and interesting ways as you "train for life."


Cross training makes use of a variety exercise environments and equipment choices. Most importantly, the class is skillfully crafted and instructed to bring its participants optimal results. Cross training uses our exercise rooms, the indoor track, Fitness Center equipment and other available resources to create unique and enjoyable workouts to maximize participant potential. Weather and daylight permitting, classes will even have segments conducted outdoors.


Share This StoryCross training's early morning time (Tuesday/Thursday, 6-7:15am) works perfectly for those needing to be off and away to work. Indeed, most of the class is made up of working professionals who appreciate having diverse and innovative workouts developed for them.


Each day is a new and different workout that gradually progresses as participants' abilities improve. Despite the group environment, each individual has the autonomy to adjust their own work intensity ("turning the volume up or down") based upon their ability, fitness level and/or overall sense of energy on any given day. By the conclusion of the semester, each participant achieves the personal satisfaction that comes with improved physical fitness and efficiency/fluidity of movement.


This energetic and supportive group supports and motivates each other as they learn and are challenged by new movements. Laughter and encouragement typically drown out sounds of exertion and intensity. But don't be mistaken - cross training can, and will, challenge you regardless of your fitness level. Your proof will be in the results you see from your full participation.


Cross training has grown in popularity, with a steady number of students returning each and every semester. Nevertheless, a handful of openings have historically been available for new participants to give it a try.


About the Instructor


Jude Sullivan has taught cross training here at the Sports Medicine Center since 2005. Having worked at the UW Health Sports Medicine Center for more than 20 years, Jude has worked with most every clinical population, athletic experience and fitness ability. His breadth of experience is unequaled among our instructors while his skill in meeting the needs of every individual client is exceptional.


Jude's enthusiasm, supportive nature and creative workouts make his classes rewarding for all. Jude's emphasis on fluid, efficient movement in the context of an outstanding conditioning workout appeals to both beginner and experienced athletes alike.