Class Spotlight: Aqua Yoga and Core


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Over the years our Aqua Yoga classes have steadily grown in popularity. Class participants love the multi-dimensional, holistic atmosphere of the class.


Our Aqua Yoga class offers a gentle practice that helps you improve your physical strength, flexibility, posture and body awareness. This body awareness and the focus on the breath will help you reduce stress and benefit your overall sense of well-being. Aqua Yoga meets in the warm water pool - a wonderful environment to focus on slow passive stretches, breathing techniques and easy movements. As you continue toward a healthy lifestyle the Aqua Yoga class might be the right choice for you.


Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Well, it is. And our participants love it…BUT…some participants have requested a greater core strengthening element be included. 


So, we looked back into our class vault and rediscovered a previous warm water class called Aquatic Core Training and wondered “What if we worked a variety of these core training exercises into the Aqua Yoga class”? 


Why not? They’re both warm water pool classes that focus on building strength and practicing breath control. What initially seemed like an asymmetrical pairing of exercise formats – on closer inspection are actually quite complimentary and appropriate together!


So, we’re giving it a try. Starting this fall, look for our new Aqua Yoga & Core class. It meets on Thursday evenings from 6:35–7:35pm. The class is taught by popular instructor Susan Reilly.


Aqua Yoga & Core might be a great way to wrap up your busy Thursdays and put you in a great frame of mind for the upcoming weekend!


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