Class Spotlight: Aqua Dance

Aqua Dance

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Aqua Dance is a fun class at the UW Health Fitness CenterAre you someone who loves to move to the music? Do you have a hard time sitting still when you hear the beat of a tune that screams at you to "get up and move"? Well, nothing wrong with that. You've got a little DANCE in you.


Have you ever tried exercising in the water? There is no denying the many benefits of aquatic fitness. In addition to being low impact and supportive of good posture/technique it's invigorating - and just plain fun to splash around in the water!


Wouldn't it be great to take your enjoyment of moving to the beat into the pool for a, spirited exercise class that leaves you smiling ear-to-ear? AQUA DANCE might be just that class.


Many are familiar with land-based dance classes (for instance, ZUMBA - the fun and energetic class that fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic and revitalizing workout). Now, Aqua Dance adds all of the benefits of aquatic exercise to these popular, high-energy dance workouts.


But there's more.


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In addition to the Latin sounds and dance patterns, Aqua Dance embraces the rhythms and movements of a variety of upbeat musical styles creating endless possibilities for fun and energizing workouts. Anyone can join Aqua Dance. No dance background necessary - just the willingness to move and have fun. Routines feature dynamic rhythms and easy-to-learn steps that'll get you moving right away. In minutes you'll be moving to the beat and having a blast.


Aqua Dance is taught by our ever-popular Joan Severson. Having taught here for over 10 years, Joan combines her experience teaching a variety classes (T'ai Chi, Ai Chi, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Flow, etc.) with a high-energy passion for moving to create a spirited and dynamic class.. Her fun and energetic demeanor make Joan an instructor favorite among our participants.


Video Clip from an Aqua Dance Class


If you're not sure whether Aqua Dance is right for you, watch a brief clip from a class to get a feel for what it's like. Warning, you may find yourself moving to the music!