Class Spotlight: Aqua Ai Chi and Balance

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Aqua Ai Chi and Balance



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You have probably heard of Tai Chi, the traditional Chinese discipline practiced worldwide. Tai Chi’s benefits are many, including increased strength and range of motion, improved balance and decreased risk of falls. Many people also practice Tai Chi for its stress reducing influence, the practice is often referred to as meditation in motion because of the awareness of breath and the mindful movement emphasis.


Did you know that the many benefits of Tai Chi are available in the comfort and safety of our warm water pool? Our Aqua Ai Chi and Balance class brings many of the movements and balance challenges practiced in a traditional Tai Chi class into the warm water pool. Performing movements in shoulder-deep water diminishes the stress of gravity and assists in joint mobility. The warm water allows your body to move with fluidity and connection to the breath. Balance improves as you focus on stability and coordinated movement.  The practice will help you become stronger and more confident while challenging yourself in the supportive buoyancy of the water.


This class is suitable for all fitness levels.


For the upcoming 2020 Winter/Spring season, this Aqua Ai Chi and Balance class meets on Tuesdays at 6:35 pm. Annette Pufall (see this issue’s Staff Spotlight) teaches this Tuesday evening class.


For more information or to register go to If you have any questions about Aqua Ai Chi and Balance or any of our other aquatic classes, please contact Jodi at or (608) 265-8350, ext. 2.


Consider joining our Aqua Ai Chi and Balance this winter and get your aquatic energy flowing!