Class Spotlight: Alignment Yoga


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Staff Spotlight

Lisa Atkins

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center offers Alignment yoga.Alignment Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that combines Iyengar Yoga's focus on proper alignment, Ashtanga Yoga's pairing of fluid movement, and breath, with our knowledge of anatomy and healthy movement patterns.


This form of yoga will help you learn what healthy alignment is for you in each of its unique poses. These poses will help you find and release your inner muscle tensions to allow you to achieve better body alignment, improve core strength and develop more efficient movement patterns. In this harmony of inner and outer alignment, you will increase your level of fitness, confidence in movement, sense of physical ease and the capacity for relaxation.


You will learn (or progress your skills with) the foundational poses (asanas). Your instructor will teach you how to develop the positions, make modifications and how to safely and fluidly transition between poses. Warrior 1 and Warrior 2, Downward Dog, Sumo, Child's Pose are poses to energize and strengthen and poses that are restorative to your energy, your body and your focus. You will practice how to breathe during movement and learn how your exhale can help you through your yoga – and life – challenges.


Alignment Yoga is taught by Lisa Atkins. Lisa started practicing yoga in 1987 while in college. She completed degrees in Biomechanics at UW Madison and Physical Therapy at UW LaCrosse. Lisa has worked in orthopedic rehabilitation ever since. This extensive medical and rehabilitative expertise infuses Lisa's classes with sound exercise principles and a focus on safety and successful movement. Lisa believes all people can find joy and improved health through regular exercise.


Lisa's favorite aspect of yoga is how it is rooted in self-discovery with a non-competitive philosophy. In a world where we spend very little quiet time with ourselves, yoga provides an oasis of movement, introspection, relaxation and renewal.


Sounds great, doesn’t it? Most of us can think of somebody (if not ourselves) who would benefit from Alignment Yoga.


Summer classes start the week of June 9. Open Registration begins Monday, May 19 and you can register online. For more information about this or other yoga options at UW Health contact Lisa Milbrandt at (608) 265-8317 or