Aquatic Center Update: Warm Water Pool Etiquette

In addition to a 25-yard, five-lane lap pool the Sports Medicine Aquatic Center is fortunate to have a multi-purpose, warm water therapy pool. This pool is one of Madison's largest and most versatile warm water pools.


The therapy pool is kept at a comfortable 92 to 94 degrees, a perfect temperature for slower, less vigorous movements. The pool ranges from three and one-half to five feet deep. A ramp, wall ladders and a hydraulic lift give users multiple options for entering and exiting the pool.


The warm water pool has users from many departments with many different purposes. Class participants, physical therapy patients, independent patrons continuing their rehabilitation and individual exercisers all need time in this pool.


Please take a moment to read through these main points summarizing warm water pool etiquette. Don't hesitate to ask one of our pool staff for clarification on any of these points.


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  • Please walk on the pool deck and ramps.
  • Enter and exit through the designated ramp or ladders only.
  • Do not block entry ramp or ladders with bodies, equipment or personal items.
  • The following activities are prohibited for safety reasons:
    • Diving
    • Lap swimming
    • Submersion of the face
    • Use of kickboards and training fins
    • Pulling or standing on ladders, railings or bars
  • Users are responsible for bringing equipment poolside and returning equipment to its proper place.
  • Keep walkways clear of all equipment and personal items.
  • If assistance is needed, please speak with the lifeguard.
  • Only registered class participants may use the warm water pool during pool classes. Please respect these timeframes.
  • This is a shared space for multiple uses. Please be mindful of other users needs.
  • Be courteous and responsive to Aquatic Center staff.

Thank you for your cooperation.