Aquatic Center Update: New Pool UV Filtration System


Fitness Center lap poolWe'd like to thank all of our pool users for their patience during our recent pool shut-down in August and September. Among other projects that occurred during this time, our pool vendor (Carrico Aquatics) outfitted our lap pool and warm water pool with the latest and greatest in pool filtration technology.


Our new sand filtration tanks and pumps are more reliable and much more energy efficient to operate. The new system will also require less weekly maintenance, resulting in the conservation of thousands of gallons of water that would have needed to be chemically treated and heated.


In addition, UV light technology has been installed in each pool filtration system. UV light technology serves as a secondary form of disinfecting pool water by neutralizing problematic microorganisms, including pathogens that are resistant to chlorine.


Share This StoryUnlike chemicals like chlorine, UV light is a non-intrusive process that does not affect the color, taste or pH of water. UV light technology also breaks down harmful chloroamine compounds that form in chlorinated water, improving air quality and reducing incidences of skin and eye irritation.


Again, we appreciate your patience while these important projects were completed. Together, our new sand filters and UV light technology will keep our aquatic environment cleaner and healthier.