Exercise Spotlight: Leg Press Back with Band

This exercise helps train both balance and strength in the core and lower body. You will strengthen the gluteals (buttocks) on the press back leg side, while the trunk muscles and the standing leg are working hard to stabilize your body.


A Few Tips for Performing This Exercise


This exercise is an intermediate-plus level exercise when performed as demonstrated. If you are new to this exercise, consider performing this movement without a band at first. You can also touch your foot to the ground behind you when you reach back to make the balance challenge a little easier.


Whether performing this exercise with or without the band, there are a few body position cues to keep this exercise save and effective:

  • The standing knee should bend and your hips reach back as you reach the other leg back. As that standing knee bends it is important to make sure that knee points forward as opposed to dropping in to the midline of the body. It is also important that the knee doesn't go further forward then the toes.
  • As you watch the video, note that as you press your leg back, you will forward fold or bend at your hips to maintain a long body position. This will help prevent over arching at your lumbar spine.
  • Keep your abdominal line long and strong. You can imagine your sternum has a headlight that you are shining forward 
  • Draw your lower abdominals in to further support your low back


Start with 1 - 2 sets of 4 - 6 repetitions per leg, gradually building to 12 repetitions per leg.