Event / Starting October 12, 2021

Suicide prevention and resiliency for first responders

Professionals and volunteers serving as first responders can become overwhelmed with situations they see on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most feel they can’t talk about how it affects them.

Our Emergency Education Center is collaborating with the Center for Suicide Awareness to offer a class to help individuals acquire the tools to become more resilient. Resilient people are not as negatively impacted by hostile events, and after an adverse event, they recover faster and are more likely to experience post-event growth. No one is born resilient, rather they learn and flourish from life experiences.

This training is a win-win. It can help restructure your thinking to see the world, yourself, and the events you experience in a different way. Attending will give you the tools to build resilience and build depth if you are already self-resilient.

Who should attend?

  • First responders who are struggling or contemplating suicide.

  • EMS, fire and police professionals and volunteers

  • Leaders and training officers who want to support team members.

  • Anyone who wants to become more resilient.


This course will be in-person with a limit of 12 students (currently). If Covid restrictions are reduced, attendees may increase.

About The Center for Suicide Awareness

Staff are certified FBI National Academy resiliency-trained. There are four domains in a person’s life that capture how they relate to others and themselves. Being healthy across the four domains is what will lead to a more resilient individual.

  • Mental – the ability to effectively manage with unique mental stressors and challenges

  • Physical – the ability to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors needed to enhance health and wellbeing

  • Social – the ability to engage in healthy social networks that promote overall happiness

  • Spiritual – the ability to strengthen a set of beliefs, principles, or values that sustain an individual’s sense of purpose