Event / Starting November 15, 2022

Stroke education night: Education for EMS and prehospital provider

  • Tue, November 15, 2022
    6-7 p.m.

Online WebEx event

Presenter: Dr. Justin Sattin, Vascular Neurologist

During this presentation, Dr. Sattin will discuss common and uncommon presentations of stroke and the latest evidence-based treatment options including Tenecteplase and endovascular therapy.

Each year, over 800,000 people in the United States experience a stroke. Time is brain and rapid action by prehospital providers improves the patient’s potential for a better outcome.

Join Dr. Justin Sattin in a discussion about the critical role prehospital providers play in the initial recognition and management of stroke. Utilizing case studies, we will discuss EMS stroke field triage algorithms, stroke assessment scales and the rapidly evolving stroke treatment options with thrombolytics and endovascular procedures.

Dr. Sattin will also review ‘BE FAST’ to recognize the signs of stroke: Balance loss, Eyes and vision changes, Face drooping, Arm weakness or numbness, Speech slurred or trouble speaking and Terrible headache