Event / Starting August 26, 2022

Starting the conversation about living donation

Learn how to start the conversation about living donation.

Finding a living donor can be challenging. The UW Health Transplant Center offers virtual educational sessions for organ recipients, their family members and anyone who is interested in learning more about living donation.

Our Starting the Conversation About Living Donation sessions include:

  • Education about living donation as a transplant option.

  • Helpful techniques and tools that people can use when preparing to discuss living donation with family members, friends and other community members.

  • Expert information as shared by members of our Living Donor Social Work team.

Sessions are offered on a regular basis, using Zoom technology so you can log-on from anywhere!

Patients who need a kidney or liver transplant usually have a significant wait time to receive a transplant from a deceased donor. Receiving an organ from a living donor is typically the best option for people who need a kidney or liver transplant. Living donors save the life of the recipient and reduce the number of people on the deceased donor wait list.

Register to attend one of these hour-long sessions:

  • August 26: 3–4 p.m.

  • September 6: 3–4 p.m.