Telemedicine: Saving Sight at Home and Around the World


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The Saving Sight Sessions are a series of community education programs created to teach you about our discoveries and developments that will help stop blinding diseases, enhance treatment and improve eyesight. Please join us as we share the ways we are transforming eye care.


As the child of first-generation immigrants who came in search of a better life, Dr. Yao Liu recognizes how fortunate we are to have such tremendous health resources in the United States. Yet, many Americans do not receive much-needed eye care due to lack of access.


Dr. Liu’s research focuses on expanding access to care through telemedicine, particularly for diabetic eye disease in Wisconsin’s rural communities. Dr. Liu’s work proudly reflects the “Wisconsin Idea,” where knowledge gained by researchers at the University of Wisconsin is applied to benefit the people of Wisconsin and beyond. Blindness from diabetes is preventable, but diabetic eye disease remains the leading cause of blindness largely due to low screening rates.


Please join Dr. Liu as she explains how new screening technologies can help prevent vision loss in the United States and around the world. We are excited to share this pioneering research and how it benefits people’s lives.