Community Presentation About Pelvic Floor Disorders


Hilton Garden Inn, 1801 Deming Way, Middleton

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Did you know that one in four women under the age of 40 and more than half of women over age 65 have a pelvic-floor disorder (PFD)? This includes urinary leakage, accidental bowel leakage, and pelvic organ prolapse.


These problems are not a normal part of aging and can be corrected, but the topic can be a very difficult one to discuss for some.


Physicians from UW Health's Women's Pelvic Wellness Clinic are hosting a community presentation about prevention and treatment of PFD.


"Pelvic-floor disorders are common but they are not a normal or inevitable part of getting older or having children," said Dr. Heidi Brown, UW Health OB-GYN. "In this community talk we want to create a safe environment to help you learn to break free. You will learn tips and tricks to reduce symptoms and about the range of treatments available now."


Dr. Brown and Dr. Dobie Giles will present and take questions; physical therapists will be on hand for education; and one patient will share her journey through treatment.