Advanced Epilepsy Treatment in Madison, Wisconsin

When you are diagnosed with epilepsy, the next step is to find the best treatment. UW Health's comprehensive epilepsy program offers care for patients with epilepsy or those suspected of having seizures. We can offer the latest in testing and treatment for your condition, whether it is medication, diet or surgery. Our goal is to prevent further seizures, avoid side effects and make it possible for you to live a productive life.


treatment options for adults with epilepsy

Adult Patients

UW Health's Comprehensive Epilepsy Program offers state-of-the-art care for patients with epilepsy or those suspected of having seizures.

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pediatric epilepsy treatment options

Pediatric Patients

UW Health's Pediatric Epilepsy Program specializes in the care of children who have experienced their first seizure to those whose epilepsy has progressed to a more difficult stage.

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how to refer adult and pediatric epilepsy patients to UW Health

Referring Physicians

Find out how to refer adult and pediatric patients for epilepsy evaluation and treatment at UW Health.

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National Association of Epilepsy Centers

About NAEC Level 4 Epilepsy Centers


UW Health is accredited by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers as a level 4 epilepsy center. Level 4 epilepsy centers have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy. Learn more


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American Family Children's Hospital; Madison, Wisconsin

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Epilepsy (Adult Patients)
Neurology Clinic: (608) 263-9578


Epilepsy (Pediatric Patients)

Neurology Clinic: (608) 890-6500


UW Health Access Center (Referring Providers Only)

(608) 263-3260 or (800) 472-0111