UW Health's comprehensive epilepsy program offers care for patients with epilepsy or those suspected of having seizures. Epilepsy is a complex disorder that affects people's social, educational and employment lives. Our goal is provide the highest care through a collaborative effort of neurologists, neuropsychologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and psychiatrists, as well as a nurses and nurse practitioners.


UW Health epilepsy program: Dr. Rami Maganti 

Meet Dr. Maganti


Dr. Rami Maganti is the director of UW Health's epilepsy program whose medical interests include epilepsy treatment and research as well as sleep disorders. Learn more about Dr. Maganti


Meet Our Team

UW Health epilepsy program: four women

Epilepsy and Women


Though epilepsy presents a number of challenges to women, particular to pregnant women, an epilepsy diagnosis does not mean they cannot become pregnant and raise a healthy child.


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UW Health epilepsy program: Surgeons in operating room


Epilepsy Surgery


We offer surgery for patients with seizures that cannot be controlled with antiepileptic drugs - called intractable - and have a major impact on their quality-of-life are potential candidates for surgical treatments.


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UW Health epilepsy program: Surgeons looking at monitor 

Vagus Nerve Stimulation


During Vagus Nerve Stimulation, surgeons implant a device that is similar to a pacemaker that sends a mild, electrical signal to the vagus nerve, which is critical for communication between the brain and major organs.


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UW Health epilepsy program: Dietary therapy