Information for EMS Providers Coming to The American Center

Where is The American Center's Emergency Department?

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UW Health Emergency and Critical Care Services

UW Health at The American Center features a a comprehensive Emergency Department capable of managing any type of emergency.

What type of patients can be brought to UW Health at The American Center?


The American Center Emergency Department is a comprehensive Emergency Department capable of managing any type of emergency. It is, however, not a leveled Trauma Center, and for that reason, any red- or yellow-leveled trauma should be diverted to another facility. The hospital also does not have a cath lab. Patients experiencing a STEMI will be best served if taken directly to an alternative facility with a cath lab.


Which road should I use to enter the ambulance bay?


The best access into the ambulance bay is from Portage Road, which is on the west end of the facility.


Where is the Emergency Department located?


The Emergency Department is located in the Universal Care Center (UCC). When facing the building, the UCC is in the southwest corner. The UCC is a grouping of six pods with eight patient care beds in each pod. The two pods adjacent to the ambulance entrance are the pods that will be predominantly used for emergency patients.


Download our map (pdf)


How do I know where to take my patient?


Once through the first door to the hospital you will see an LCD screen hanging on the right. The screen will identify the name of your ambulance and a room assignment. As you enter the hallway, you will see a map that provides direction to the patient rooms. Staff will meet you in the room to receive report. Entrance to all of these rooms is from the outer ring or patient hallway. Staff are located in the interior work areas. Stretchers and patients should not be brought into this interior area.


How do I get to inpatient units or other areas of the hospital during business hours? After business hours?


During business hours, signs or facility staff can direct you to specific areas. After hours, access to clinical areas requires an "EMS Visitor" badge. This badge will be kept with security at the ED front desk near the ED walk-in entrance. You will need to leave your keys with security. These will be returned when you return the card.


Where can I find replacement linens?


Replacement linen will be kept in a wooden cabinet in the Ambulance Bay. If supplies are low, please inform a team member. There is also a hose to clean out your ambulance, if needed.


How and where can I find a nurse to give report?


Our goal is to have someone meet you when you get to the room. Clinical staff and the Emergency Department coordinator can also be located in the inner core of the patient care area.


Where do I find a face sheet?


At the front of the internal work areas, or south side of the UCC, is the EDC (ED Coordinator) who will have a face sheet ready for you.


Is there an EMS break room to do my charting?


There is a break room on your right just as you exit the ambulance bays. Help yourself to a snack and something to drink.


How do I exit the building with my ambulance?


Simply approach the doors slowly with your ambulance and they will automatically open. If the doors don’t open, inform a team member and we will show you the manual button and arrange for repairs.


Additional questions: Manager Mary Ryan will be your point of contact if a member of the team is unable to assist you. Her office is room 1263, just down the hallway to your left from the bays. The easiest way to reach her is via email at