Emergency Departments

Emergency Department

In the health care world, it's often said that the Emergency Department is the "front door" of a hospital.


If this is the case, those who walk through the doors of the UW Health Emergency Department will enter a warm, caring environment offering the state-of-the-art technology and exceptional nurses, doctors and other members of the care team that are ready to care for you or your family member any time of the day or night.


Emergency Department at UW Health at The American Center 


4602 Eastpark Blvd.

Madison, Wisconsin

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


The Emergency Department (ED) at UW Health at The American Center offers a comprehensive ED with new technology and building design to speed the patient's movement through the system.


Emergency Departments at University Hospital - Adult and Pediatric


BerbeeWalsh Emergency Department

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, Wisconsin

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Information for Patients Referred to the University Hospital Emergency Department


A Focus on Patients and Families


University Hospital's 41,000-square-foot Emergency Department (ED) is designed to meet the critical medical needs of emergency patients while attending to the privacy needs of both patients and families.


As part of a 2016 expansion, the ED redesign incorporates innovative workflows to provide highly efficient care of patients. Unique care added to the University Hospital ED include:


University Hospital’s ED modifies its intake process for selected peak times to allow patient care to begin sooner. CareSTART (Safe, Timely Assessment and Rapid Treatment) is a process where a care team that includes an emergency physician sees a patient on arrival and care can begin immediately. Two intake rooms and four flexible care rooms create a better experience by reducing wait time to be seen by a doctor and by initiating treatment soon after arrival.


Multipurpose Procedure Room (MPP)

This innovative space bridges the gap between the Operating Room (OR) and the Emergency Department (ED). Complex procedures that require specialty consultation traditionally meant a patient had to wait for OR availability. Now some of these procedures can be safely accomplished in the ED. The types of procedures that can be performed in this room include repairing a significant hand injury that needs multiple stitches, setting a broken bone or dressing a burn under sedation.

Pediatric Emergency Department

Our Pediatric Emergency Department now has 11 rooms to better care for our growing patient population. The design reflects the comfort and patient- and family-centered care University Hospital aims to provide. With a North Woods animal theme, the area has a separate pediatric waiting room, private rooms, open nursing/physician work areas and a new resuscitation bay with enhanced lighting for procedures. Rooms can also project different patterns of light to distract and relax a young child.

Clinical Decision Unit (CDU)


This 10-bed Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is designed for patients who require a longer stay and more extensive evaluation than a typical ED visit, but not long enough to require hospital admission. Patient and family comfort and privacy are a primary focus of this space.

ED Radiology Reading Room

The ED has its own Radiology Reading Room. Having radiologists physically present in the ED facilitates more timely and extensive communication with the care team. Our emergency physicians can view images together with radiologists, allowing a better understanding of patient images. This is especially important given the critical role imaging plays in the evaluation of medically complex patients.


Patient Family Waiting Area

Located near the trauma rooms, this area provides a private space for family members to gather while their critically ill or injured loved one is undergoing emergency care.


The staff in the emergency department are specially trained to meet the needs of patients of all ages who require emergency care. Families are welcome to remain with patients throughout most of their emergency department visit.


Comforting Environment


University Hospital's Emergency Department includes a large waiting area for adult patients and a separate waiting area for pediatric patients and their families. Staff is available in the waiting area to assist with patient and visitor questions and needs.

The pediatric waiting area has child-friendly activities to help ease any anxiety or fears that children might experience during the visit. Child Life Specialists are also available to help families through the visit.


Emphasis on Technology

Emergency Department

While maintaining a patient and family environment, the Emergency Department at University Hospital is able to provide the latest in technology to care for the sickest or most injured patient.


Additional features in our Emergency Department include:

  • An on-site, 64-slice CT scanner in the radiology suite, which allows for faster diagnosis of trauma, stroke and heart patients
  • Access to MRI and ultrasound 24 hours per day
  • A state-of-the-art decontamination area designed to handle biohazard and bioterrorism emergencies
  • Pediatric and adult trauma rooms equipped with the latest in critical care equipment
  • 24-hour ED Pharmacists working alongside clinicians in the ED to ensure the safest and most effective medication management
  • 24-hour Child Life Specialists
  • Social Work and Case Management team