Emergency Department Health Care Team

Here's a look at the health care team members you might encounter when being treated at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Emergency Department in Madison, Wisconsin. 


Emergency Attending Physician


The attending physician is the emergency doctor who leads the health care team in your overall care.



Residents are doctors who are receiving additional training after completing medical school. They are supervised by the attending physician.


Consulting Service/Resident

The emergency medicine team might consult with a specialist about your care.


Admitting Service/ Team

If you need to stay in the hospital after your ER visit, the admitting service or team will take over your care.


Care Team Leader (CTL)

If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please ask to speak with the CTL.


Registered Nurse (RN)

An RN will be caring for you during your emergency visit, and will work with the physician to meet your care needs. You might have more than one nurse during your stay.


Emergency Department Technician (EDT)

EDTs work with your nurse and physician to provide your care. They might draw your blood, place an IV or transport you to tests.


Social Worker


Social workers are available to help patients and families during their emergency visit. They can help connect you with hospital and community resources.


Nurse Case Manager

The Nurse Case Manager is available to help you with questions or concerns if you need to stay in the hospital.


Child Life Specialist

Child Life specialists help children and families adjust to and cope with an emergency visit. They provide support during medical tests and procedures.


Emergency Department Coordinator (EDC)

EDCs register you as a patient and collect insurance co-payments. They answer the phones and call lights, sharing patient and family requests with other members of your care team.



Pharmacists work with your care team members regarding your medications.


Respiratory Therapist (RT)

If you come in with a breathing problem, an RT will work with your care team to improve your breathing.



A security officer is present in the ER to ensure your safety during your stay.



As a teaching hospital, you might come into contact with students (medical, nursing, pharmacy and many others). Students are active and helpful in patient care, but they do not make any decisions about your care.