Trauma Reports

busy emergency roomThe following article was published in the summer 2007 issue of UW Health's Level One newsletter for emergency medicine health professionals:
You've been dispatched to the scene of a multiple vehicle collision with several victims. You arrive, perform your initial assessment and swiftly determine that one of your patients will need rapid transport to a Level One trauma center.
You arrive in the Trauma Bay, transfer your patient to the bed and as you get ready to give your report, it seems as if everybody in the room is too busy to hear what you have to say.
Just as EMTs must perform their primary survey (ABCDE) at the scene, the physicians and nurses in the ED must also perform their primary assessment. This is what occurs during those first few minutes after you transfer care of your patient.
After the primary assessment is completed, the team will then approach the pre-hospital providers for their report. The information you provide is a vital component of the patient's continuing care.
Coming soon in the next issue of the Level One newsletter….. WHAT to include in your trauma report.
- Ann Krainyk RN and Jan Beyer RN
UW EMS Liaisons