RTAC Report

The following article was published in the summer 2007 issue of UW Health's Level One newsletter for emergency medicine health professionals:
Hospital Site Reviews
All hospitals in the state are in the process of being designated a Level III or IV Trauma Center by the state of Wisconsin. Many hospitals in the SCRTAC region have completed their in-hospital trauma site reviews. So far, all have done really well, and have spoken very highly of the review process, the reviewers, and the constructive comments.
The SCRTAC continues to make trauma care education for EMS a priority. Trauma education topics are presented after each general RTAC meeting, and continuing EMS education units are available through the service medical directors.
The general meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every ODD month (May, July, September, etc.) from 5-6pm at the UW Clinic on the west side of Madison. Everyone is invited to attend all sessions.
Executive Committee Restructuring
At our last meeting, in an attempt to create new positive energy and to promote better meeting attendance, we voted to restructure our Executive Committee. The new Executive Committee will consist of 9 people, one person from each quadrant (4), 2 reps from Madison, one trauma surgeon, one emergency medicine physician, and the EMS coordinator.
The new "streamlined" approach will give a more intimate and cohesive feel to the executive council, and will make tracking objectives and responsibilities easier. Each will serve 2 years. If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please contact Lynne Sears, SCRTAC coordinator, at lsears@uwhealth.org or Dan Williams, SCRTAC EMS coordinator, at dan@scrtac.org.