New UW Med Flight Helicopters

Med FlightIn summer 2007, new technically advanced medical helicopters replaced UW Med Flight's two Italian-built Augusta Power 109 aircraft that served countless patients for nearly 10 years.


Specifically designed for air rescue, the new Eurocopter (EC 135) aircraft has come to be known as a workhorse in the emergency air transport industry.


Equipped with the most advanced air medical technology available, the low-noise and powerful twin-engine helicopter is highly maneuverable and features rear loading clam shell doors. The helicopters fly about 130 knots or 150 miles per hour. The weight limitation is approximately 350 lbs.


The new helicopters also include state-of-the-art avionics including GPS, moving map radar, SAT phones and a traffic collision avoidance system. Our pilots maintain IFR status, a rating that allows us to fly under FFA approved weather conditions that allow us to be more available throughout the year.


UW Med Flight is certified under instrument flight rules, not just visual flight rules in which the pilot must be able to see where they are going at all times. Instrument flying allows UW Med Flight to fly in less than ideal weather conditions.