Drug Information Pharmacy Residency: Meet Our Resident

Kaylyn DoughertyKaylyn A. Doughtery, PharmD, MHIIM

  • PGY1: University of Michigan Managed Care
  • Pharmacy School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Residency Project: Implementation of Smart Pump Integration at UW Health
  • Career Interests: Medication utilization, formulary management, drug policy, clinical decision support, population health, pharmacy informatics, managed care, outcomes reporting, interoperability, drug shortage strategy
  • Hobbies: Traveling, food, friends, reading, crafting and bar trivia
  • Why UW? The Drug Information Program at UW offers residents an unique blend of experiences in drug policy, formulary management, medication safety and pharmacy informatics within a pharmacy department whose culture is noticeably collaborative, innovative and progressive. A UW residency program graduate once told me, "If you train at Wisconsin, you will see pharmacy at its highest potential; possibilities surrounding patient care collaboration and quality improvement are endless." His words resonated with me and my heart was set on becoming a Badger. Lastly, everyone is really nice and supportive, especially the Drug Policy Team.
  • Contact E-mail: KDougherty@uwhealth.org