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UW Health's Dr. Janice Singles is an expert in how a person's mental processes can affect digestive health.What does the mind have to do with problems in the stomach and digestive tract, like inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), acid reflux (GERD), Crohn's disease and irritable bowel disease?


The Mind-Gut Connection Series


UW Health psychiatrist Janice Singles, PsyD, in cooperation with UW Health Digestive Health Services doctors and staff, shows how the mind and gut are connected and why you might be experiencing GI symptoms.


Dr. Singles' clinical interests include providing outpatient and inpatient services to patients with a variety of health problems, including digestive health issues like inflammatory bowel disease. She addresses how a person's mental processes can influence their digestive health, and how mindfulness-based stress reduction can help people with digestive health issues.


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IBS Treatment Group


Learn about non-medical interventions for IBS and gain skills in some core strategies for dealing with IBS. Call (608) 890-5000 to register for:

  • IBS Treatment Group Introduction: Dec. 3, 4-5:30pm:
  • Seven-week IBS Treatment Goup: Beginning Jan. 7 from 4-5:30pm, this treatment requires 20-30 minutes of daily practice over several months to create changes in IBS symptoms. The fee for this session is covered by most insurance companies.

The Mind-Gut Connection: Nov. 2015 Community Talk



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