Gastrointestinal Genetics Clinic

Contact Information

This clinic requires physician referrals.

For appointments, please call (608) 890-5000

To speak with a physician directly, please call the Access Center at (800) 472-0111.


GI Genetics Clinic Physicians

Jennifer Weiss, MD

Mark Reichelderfer, MD

Kevin Patel, MD

The Gastrointestinal (GI) Genetics Clinic at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin is a clinic dedicated to patients who have or suspect a hereditary link to gastrointestinal cancers.


Specialized Care


The GI Genetics Clinic serves patients who might have a hereditary cancer risk for colon, esophageal and stomach cancers, including:

What To Expect

  • Meeting with Jennifer Weiss, MD, Gastroenterologist, Anna Zakas and Patricia Leh Murphy to review family and personal medical history, pathology reports, endoscopy reports and other information.
  • Based on each patient's familial risk, testing for genetic links to GI cancers might be done.
  • A summary report is shared with each patient, outlining their results and the potential risk for other family members.
  • Patients without the classic signs of the few known hereditary cancer risk syndromes will received a tailored surveillance plan, including annual monitoring by staff.
  • Patients with positive test results work with Dr. Weiss, Anna Zakas and Patricia Leh Murphy
    and to formulate a plan for the patient and their family.

Please speak with your doctor about a referral for evaluation at the GI Genetics Clinic if you have:

  • An increased history of cancer in your family
  • GI-related cancer
  • A large number of precancerous colon polyps

Watch: Dr. Weiss discusses the UW Health GI Genetics Clinic