A Patient's Colonoscopy Experience: Hear from Tim

Tim has undergone two colonoscopies at UW Hospital and Clinics and had positive experiences both times. Here is his story:


Tim appreciated the way UW Hospital physicians kept him prepared and informed for his colonoscopy.My recent colonoscopy at UW Hospital, from beginning to end, was handled in a completely professional and cordial way. 


I felt like I knew exactly what I had to do to prepare for the procedure and what the procedure would be like. I was sent complete information in advance, and received a call from the hospital to make sure I had received the materials and understood them. A few days before the procedure, I got another call, just to check and make sure I knew how to follow the bowel preparation procedure, and to tell me exactly where and when to be for the procedure. 


Moments after my wife and I arrived and checked in on the day of the procedure, we were taken to the area where I was prepared for the procedure. The nurses were very friendly and reassuring, and took my vital signs and prepared me. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Robertson, explained exactly what he was going to do and made sure I understood what was going to happen, and how quickly I’d recover after the procedure.


Dr. Foley then joined us and explained what he was going to do, in common language that was easily understandable. He and Dr. Robertson were both very professional and easygoing, and made sure my wife and I had a good understanding of everything that was going to happen. 


I was taken to the operating room ahead of schedule, had the procedure and woke up shortly afterwards in the recovery room.  The nurses made sure I was awake and alert, checked my vital signs several times, and then Dr. Foley and Dr. Robertson joined us again. 


Dr. Robertson made sure I didn’t have any negative aftereffects from the sedation, and that I was completely "out" while Dr. Foley was performing the procedure. Dr. Foley told me about the procedure and how it had gone, assured me that I had no signs of any problems, and even gave me some pictures he took inside my bowel so I could see for myself that there were no polyps or problems. We were on our way back home shortly after that. 


This is the second colonoscopy I've had at UW Hospital (the prior one was 13 years ago) and both times I felt completely confident that I was being cared for by the very best doctors and nurses, felt completely informed about the results of the procedure, and couldn't be more pleased with the great care I was given.