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UW Health's Hypertension Clinic uses specialists from two areas of medicine to provide the highest quality treatment for hypertension, or high blood pressure.
Our multidisciplinary clinic is staffed by a nephrologist (kidney specialist) and endocrinologist (gland specialist), both with specific expertise in the management of hypertension. We provide thorough diagnostic assessment of potential causes of hypertension, as well as evaluation of effects of hypertension on the kidneys and brain. Our physicians devise diagnostic and treatment plans which are tailored to the individual to assure therapy that is effective, free of side effects and cost-effective.
Our services require a referral from a primary care physician.
  • Evaluation and treatment of severe hypertension (very high blood pressure)
  • Evaluation and review of hypertension treatment regimens (both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic)
  • Evaluation and treatment of resistant hypertension (uncontrolled blood pressure on multiple medications)
  • Diagnostic evaluation for secondary causes of hypertension (renal and endocrine causes)
  • Assessment of end organ damage (kidney, brain)
  • Treatment of high-risk groups, including the elderly, African-Americans, diabetics and patients with renal disease