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Nails serve to protect the tips of the fingers and to help with the sensation of fine touch. It is important to take care of the nail and the skin around it.


Tips for caring for your nails include:

  1. The only manipulation of cuticles should be gently pushing them back with a soft towel after soaking or after a bath/shower.
  2. Do not allow your manicurist to cut or push back your cuticles.
  3. Take your own instruments to your nail salon and have your manicurist use them for your service. After the service, wash them in soapy water (dishwasher is fine) or swab them with alcohol.
  4. Nail products can cause an allergic or irritant reaction. If you experience itching, burning, stinging or discomfort after a nail treatment, then remove nail products immediately.
  5. Keep nails short including if you wear artificial nail extensions (acrylics, wraps, gels or tips). Long nails increase the stress on the nail bed (where the nail attached to skin) and therefore lift off more easily putting you at increased risk for infection.