Expert care for hand and wrist conditions

Having pain in your hands, wrists or fingers is common. It can be caused by an injury, overuse or normal wear and tear. Conditions such as arthritis and lupus can be the culprit as well. No matter the reason, pain in your hands and wrists makes it hard to do the activities of daily life.

At UW Health, we treat all types of hand and wrist disorders. You’ll get expert care from a team of specialists. Our doctors and certified hand therapists work together to bring you the latest treatments. We’ll help you get back to doing what matters to you.

When you come to us, you get care from specialized providers. Our hand surgeons perform hand surgery only. They’re specially trained and experts at what they do. Likewise, our certified hand therapists specialize in hand rehabilitation.


If you’re in pain, you want quick relief. A certified hand therapist might provide it. You will get connected to an occupational physical therapist with special training in treating the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder for assessment and treatment. You don’t need a referral.

OrthoAccess can also direct you to help you get to the right doctor or therapist to meet your needs. You provide your contact information and we get back to you with a recommendation.

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What are you experiencing?

Symptoms of hand and wrist problems depend on the condition you have. Some of the most common include:

  • Numbness, burning or tingling

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Stiffness

  • Weakness

  • Cyst

  • Trauma and injuries to the hand and fingers


Many causes, many solutions

Some health issues and injuries can affect your hands and wrists. These include broken bones and tendon problems and conditions like arthritis. Carpal tunnel syndrome – compression of a major nerve that passes through your wrist — is a disorder we commonly see. 


Depending on the causes of your hand and wrist difficulties, there are many different possible treatments, including:

Treatments such as rest, ice and over-the-counter pain relievers.

Focuses on improving strength, range of motion and function. It may also help you manage pain

May help with healing or may take pressure off nerves.

Helps with pain, swelling and other symptoms.

Meet our team

Your hands are in good hands

Our hand and wrist team focuses on what’s most important: You. We make sure your questions get answered and that you receive the care you need from the experts who can help you most.

We offer advanced care for common hand and wrist pain and injuries like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as more uncommon conditions that can be the result of accidents and amputation. Our orthopedic surgeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons are leaders in innovative surgeries and microsurgical techniques to repair damaged nerves.

Our doctors also work closely with our certified hand therapist to ensure you’re receiving the best care before and after surgery. With these highly skilled specialties, we cover all your needs.

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Managing your condition

These resources may help you better understand hand and wrist problems. They provide information on how we treat them and how we relieve symptoms.