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If you have been diagnosed with a complex heart condition, you have many decisions to make and some might be difficult.

At UW Health, we see patients with many different heart problems, from coronary artery disease to heart failure. Our treatments range from minimally invasive procedures to complex open heart surgery. Complex conditions we may treat include coronary artery disease (CAD), coronary artery chronic total occlusion, partial or fully blocked arteries (NSTEMI) and in-stent restenosis.

UW Health — home to Wisconsin’s No. 1 hospital, according to U.S. News & World Report — has been recognized as “High Performing” in Cardiology and Heart Surgery by the same publication. Moreover, University Hospital ranks among the top 25 U.S. hospitals for patient care and outcomes.

Second opinion

What to expect

Our second opinion program can help you explore options that might not be available closer to home. Our team of dedicated and highly trained expert heart doctors will help you understand all treatment options in one visit. Our goal is to confirm that the treatment recommended by your local doctor is appropriate, or suggest other options that some health systems might not offer.

Getting a second opinion can provide peace of mind, ensuring that you have explored all of your options and are making the best decision for you and your family. When you come to UW Health for a second opinion, your case will be carefully reviewed by experts in advanced heart disease, prevention, intervention, cardiac surgery and anesthesiology.

After scheduling an appointment, our team will work with you to gather your previous test and lab results to ensure we don’t repeat the same procedures. During your appointment, you’ll discuss treatment options with a heart surgeon, an interventional cardiologist and other heart specialists. We’ll also ensure that communication goes both ways between your local doctor and our team.

Most health insurance plans cover a second opinion; however, we recommend that you confirm this with your health insurance company before your visit.


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Our clinic is located at University Hospital in Madison, Wis.