Your Cochlear Implant Health Care Team

Contact Information

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At UW Hospital and Clinics, a multidisciplinary team of experts works with you every step of the way to ensure your comfort and success with the cochlear implants.
There are several specialists that may be involved in your medical care, including:
Audiologists perform the pre-operative evaluation, counseling and post-operative auditory training. Patients will interact primarily with their audiologist throughout the cochlear implant process.
Highly trained surgeons who specialize in otolaryngology will perform the surgery to implant the cochlear device. They also help decide if an individual is an appropriate candidate for cochlear implants. View the cochlear implant surgeon listing
Speech Pathologist/Auditory Verbal Therapist
The speech pathologists will provide post-operative auditory training for those individuals needing assistance maximizing their potential.
Social Workers
Social workers help patients sort through the challenges of adapting to the cochlear implant. They also assist patients in identifying and accessing community resources for individuals with cochlear devices.
Program Assistant
The program assistant coordinates letters for insurance companies as well as providing patients with assistance regarding billing questions.
Psychologists are available for those patients who may need psychological support during the cochlear implant process.
Because UW Health is an academic medical center, physicians in their residency may also participate in your care.