Post-Operative Appointment Schedule for Children

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Pediatric Audiology

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The cochlear device will be activated approximately four to six weeks following surgery. After the initial activation there will be a series of appointments to continue programming and monitoring the device.

Following is a general outline of post-operative appointments.
Please note that there may be additional appointments depending on the needs of the individual child. Additional testing and evaluations may also be recommended to monitor the development of the child.
Post-Operative Appointments
Four to Six Weeks Following Surgery
  • Approximately 3 hour appointment
  • Implant is activated and initial programming begins
Two-Week Follow-Up
  • Approximately two hour appointment
  • Adjustment and tuning of the device
After the two-week follow-up appointment, the patient may be seen again at one, three and six month intervals depending on his or her need.
One-Year Evaluation and Continued Annual Evaluation
  • Approximately 2-3 hour appointment
  • Hearing evaluations
  • Speech/language evaluation
  • Adjustment and tuning of the device
During the post-operative process, children will work closely with speech pathologists and audiologists to learn how to hear with the device and continue to develop language skills. An auditory-verbal therapist may also assist with the process.