More About CCKM

The activities of the Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM) are guided by the Clinical Knowledge Management Council. This advisory group oversees prioritization of CCKM activities, advises the CCKM leadership and staff on activities of the Center, and has endorsement and approval authority as defined in its charter (pdf).


Executive Sponsor:

  • Betsy Clough, UW Health Vice President Performance Excellence & Project Management

CKM Council Co-Chairs:

  • Rob Hoffman, MD
  • Jennifer Lochner, MD 

CKM Council Coordinator:

  • Chad Warner, Director, Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM)

Our Staff


We have clinicians and non-clinicians working in the Center for Clinical Knowledge Management. Our staff includes pharmacists, psychologists, nurses, a nurse practitioner, a physical therapist and a neuroscientist. Among our non-clinician staff, we have experts with backgrounds in engineering, biostatistics, library science and business. View our CCKM organizational chart (pdf) to see how it all fits together.