Our Approach to Pain Care

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UW Health pain management specialists offer the full spectrum of pain assessment and management techniques.
Confronting the Problem of Complex Pain
Many pain clinics focus on a single kind of treatment, such as injections or medications. At UW Health, we realize that chronic pain affects many areas of life, and not all patients benefit from the same type of treatment.
Instead, our multidisciplinary team brings our patients the full range of available pain treatments. We custom-design our treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs, and the patient is always the most important member of the team.
Multidisciplinary Care
Many patients receive treatment from more than one team member. Team members may include physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and others. We may use physical and occupational therapy, medication, injections, behavioral health care, or a combination of these. Many patients learn exercises, relaxation techniques, and other tools that help them improve their fitness and reduce their pain.

During treatment, we communicate regularly with each patient’s referring and/or primary doctor. When the patient is ready to manage his/her pain without regular visits to our clinic, we generally transfer care back to the referring and/or primary doctor.