Frequently Asked Questions

Care Direct is a home infusion therapy pharmacy providing injectable medications (intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular) to people in their homes.


What should I expect with home infusion therapy?


You may be getting ready to leave the hospital or start home intravenous (IV) medications when leaving the doctor's office. Care Direct receives a referral from the hospital discharge planner or your doctor's office to provide services for you at home. Your assigned team will then begin coordinating your needs and communicate with you or your family on what to expect. You will receive a white Care Direct folder which will contain important information about Care Direct, your services and how to contact Care Direct.

Who pays for home infusion therapy and related services?


Many commercial insurance and managed care companies pay for home IV therapy. Medicare and Medicaid will also cover some of the therapies. Care Direct's Reimbursement Coordinators will contact your insurance company and find out about your coverage before your services begin. Care Direct will notify you, your family, the hospital's discharge planner and/or your doctor's office with the insurance coverage information. Care Direct will bill your insurance company directly. Please contact Care Direct if you have further questions about your insurance coverage.

Will a home nursing agency be involved with care at home?


Care Direct is a home infusion therapy pharmacy providing injectable medications (intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular) to people in their homes. Sometimes a home nurse will be needed at the beginning of therapy to help teach you, a family member or friend, how to perform your home infusion therapy. After a few teaching visits, many people feel comfortable to perform the therapy on their own. The home care nurse will continue to be available to you as needed until you become independent with your therapy or are no longer homebound.

If a home nursing agency is involved, who pays for their services?


Many commercial insurance plans, managed care companies, Medicare and Medicaid will pay for a home care nurse. The nursing agency that will be involved with your care will inform you of your coverage.

What is in the "White Patient Folder?"


There will be a white Care Direct folder that will be given to you at the beginning of your care. In the folder will be important contact numbers and information about Care Direct's services. There will be teaching instructions on how to infuse your home IV therapy medications, your Patient's Bill of Rights, home safety instructions and what to do with your leftover supplies and medications. Please utilize your white folder in assisting with your home IV therapy needs and questions.

What is the doctor's role in care at home?


Your doctor will be in charge of your home IV care. Care Direct follows your doctor's orders and stays in contact with your doctor throughout care to make sure your therapy goes well.

Do you have patient teaching materials?


Teaching sheets are available to you in your white folder. Please choose the type of therapy you are on and the type of pump you are using to infuse your medication. These are a guideline and will not be exact to the medication and dose you have been ordered. Please check your white folder for your own specific medication and its specific dose administration.

How do I order supplies?


Contact Care Direct at (800) 730-8555 or (608) 831-8555 or