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UW Health Burn and Wound Center scientists are dedicated to developing new skin substitutes and polymers to treat injuries more rapidly and minimize scarring, exploring how guided imagery and virtual reality can help burn survivors cope with pain and depression, studying how to manage burn survivors' seemingly insatiable thirst, and learning everything they can about new ways to help the injured.


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With a gift to the Burn and Wound Team Advancement Fund, you will:

  • Invest in cutting-edge research to improve patient care, including ways to regenerate skin and develop skin substitutes
  • Make it possible for Burn Team members to attend advanced specialized training
  • Provide for the special needs of children with child-friendly equipment and play areas
  • Add comforts, such as flat-screen monitors with disposable keyboards, for adult patients
  • Enhance the Burn and Wound Center's ability to present burn prevention programs in the community

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From Our Medical Director


Dr. Lee Faucher, surgeon and medical director for the Burn and Wound Center, talks about the need for funds to support research and education to improve patient care, as well as resources within the center that can improve.