Diagnostic Mammograms

What is a diagnostic mammogram?


A diagnostic mammogram involves one or more special mammogram images taken from different angles. These allow detailed evaluation of an area of the breast. This test is often used for one of two reasons: A new clinical finding or an abnormal screening mammogram.


New Clinical Finding


Diagnostic mammography is used to check for breast cancer when there is new clinical finding, such as persistent breast pain in one location in your breast, a lump, nipple changes or some types of nipple discharge. If you have a breast concern, such as a lump, please talk to your health care provider. If appropriate, they will order a diagnostic mammogram and often an ultrasound.


Can I schedule a diagnostic mammogram without a referral?


Yes. If you have a breast concern, such as a lump or change, you may request an appointment with a provider at the UW Health Breast Center. The will examine your breast and determine if you need a diagnostic mammogram. The mammogram will happen at the same appointment. Contact your clinic if you want a diagnostic mammogram.