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Meet Daniel

Dan Ferguson and wife Rene

While playing hockey for Notre Dame in the 1960s, Daniel Ferguson took plenty of hard falls on the ice. Aside from some nasty bumps and bruises, however, Dan never experienced anything since that could be called a health scare. He continued leading a healthy lifestyle well into his 70s by swimming, bicycling or running almost daily and competing in close to 20 triathlons since he turned 60.


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Meet Jordan

Jordan Dorf

Jordan Dorf (seated) travelled from Denver to Madison to have his pituitary tumor removed by UW Health neurosurgeon Azam Ahmed, MD (standing, right). Jordan learned about Dr. Ahmed from UW Health neurosurgeon Josh Medow, MD (standing, left).


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Meet Bentley

Bentley Thatcher, UW Health Brain Tumors Program; Madison, Wisconsin

When 6-year-old Bentley Thatcher was playing t-ball, his parents noticed a tremor in his left hand. A few months later, an MRI revealed he had a tumor the size of a softball growing in his thalamus. He was diagnosed with grade IV astrocytoma. His surgeons in Michigan knew his best chance of success was to seek care at UW Health, where adult and pediatric neurosurgery clinicians immediately developed a plan for Bentley's treatment.


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Meet Phoebe

Phoebe Yancey; UW Health Brain Tumor; Madison, Wisconsin

Phoebe Yancey was just 11 years old when she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. She was on a fishing trip in Northern Wisconsin with her parents and older sister when she got a severe headache. She soon had symptoms that resembled a stroke. An ambulance ride, a CAT scan, and emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain followed within hours. A few days later, she had extensive surgery to remove a large tumor from the thalamus region of her brain. After nine months of treatment at American Family Children's Hospital, Phoebe scans are looking great.


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Meet Josie

Josie Gotz; UW Health Brain Tumor; Madison, Wisconsin

Josie Gotz had just turned 19 when she first noticed weakness in her hand. Within a few weeks, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Fortunately, a second opinion with UW Health neurosurgeon Dr. Mustafa Baskaya was able to offer Josie and her family hope.


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Meet Gary

The Pedretti Family; UW Health Brain Tumor Program; Madison, WI

Gary Pedretti was living with a brain tumor that not one, but two different surgeons said surgery was too dangerous. A chance encounter led the Pedretti's to UW Health for a second opinion where Dr. Mustafa Baskaya was able to give them hope for the first time.


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