Brain Tumors: Stealth Computer Navigation

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The UW Health Brain Tumor Center in Madison, Wisconsin provides comprehensive treatment for patients with brain tumors. Working in concert with the UW Carbone Cancer Center, our multidisciplinary team sees more than 1,200 brain tumor patients annually with common as well as rare brain cancers.


What is stealth computer navigation?


Stealth computer navigation is a unique system where the patients' MRI and CT scans, taken prior to surgery, are uploaded into a computer, allowing the surgeon to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor.


What happens during a surgery that involves stealth computer navigation?


MRI and CT scans that were taken pre-operatively are placed into the navigation system prior to surgery. Once the patient is in the operating room, he or she will be fixated to the table.


Two cameras will be pointed towards the patient; these cameras will map out where the tumor is located based on the scans. This comparison will allow the surgeon to know the precise location of the tumor.