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UW Health can provide a price estimate—a prediction of what your future procedure or treatment will cost and how much you may be responsible for paying based on your insurance coverage.  An estimate is the predicted amount your medical services will cost you.  This includes information on what total charges have been in the past for this same service, as well as, what your personal out of pocket costs could be based on your insurance benefits


How to Get an Estimate:


1. MyChart Users can create their own estimate for many common services. This will be linked to your patient record: 

  • Log into your MyChart account

  • Click on Billing

  • Select Estimates

2. If you do not have a MyChart account, you can request an estimate for common procedures and services on as a guest.  This estimate will not be linked to your patient record.  Click here to make a guest estimate


3. Contact UW Health’s Priceline (608) 263-1507) to request an estimate be sent to you in the U.S. mail or electronically on MyChart


4. UW Health proactively provides some estimates prior to services.  You may receive this estimate via MyChart or in the US mail.


If you are not a current MyChart user or need assistance with MyChart go here.



How accurate are estimates?


UW Health works hard to provide accurate estimates.  However, it is important to understand that because of the personalized nature of healthcare, patient differences, and the potential for unforeseen complications we cannot provide an estimate guarantee. 


Factors that may alter your actual out of pocket costs include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Variations to the services and codes estimated
  • Receiving additional services not included in the estimate (i.e. additional labs, appointments, imaging)
  • Receiving care at a different location than what was estimated
  • Receiving healthcare services at UW Health or another healthcare facility between the date the estimate was created and your date of service (i.e. your remaining deductible may change over time) 

After your insurance company processes the claim, you will either be billed the remaining amount due or refunded any overpayment.  If you have any patient balances for other dates of service, your overpayment will be applied to those balances.