Helping a Friend or Relative Buy a Hearing Aid

If you are helping a family member buy a hearing aid rather than shopping for one yourself, here are a few ideas that can be particularly helpful:
  • Go along for the exam and the fitting, and be prepared to be an advocate for your relative
  • Make sure that he or she is not being sold a more complex device than necessary
  • Choose a hearing aid of a size and type appropriate for your relative's physical capabilities. A tiny device that fits in the ear canal may be cosmetically attractive, but its small controls would make a poor choice for someone with limited manual dexterity. Controls should be straightforward and large enough to manipulate with ease. Changing batteries, which may be needed as often as once a week, should be simple.
  • Offer your relative or friend plenty of support and encouragement during the adjustment period
  • Help him or her field-test the aid in different situations and encourage him or her to continue working with the dispenser to get the best results