Lucas Schulz, PharmD, BCIDP

(608) 890-8617

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at UW Health was established in 2002 because antibiotic use has a direct link to patient care, safety and outcomes.


UW Health is an established leader in antimicrobial stewardship. Our AMS program is:

  • One of only a few academic centers in the nation to be recognized by the Infection Diseases Society of America as a Center of Excellence for Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and The Joint Commission for leadership, education and achievement of the seven core elements of hospital stewardship

Our AMS program provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary system for the optimization of antimicrobial use to improve drug selection, slow the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, reduce antimicrobial expenditures and improve adult and pediatric patient outcomes within our hospitals, emergency departments and ambulatory settings and to partner with regional hospitals and health systems.


Antimicrobial Services Chart