Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Services

UW Health’s AMS team offers a collaborative, interdisciplinary team approach to optimize usage of antibiotics. Three levels of service are available to meet the unique needs of each AMS partner.




Full-service stewardship. Leadership¹,
systematic assessments,
implementation support, daily patient review, formulary restriction


Access to experts.
Systematic program assessment, implementation support,
guidance, education


Expert consultation. Systematic program assessment,

access to clinical practice tools

Program Impact Most Impact High Impact Meets Accreditation Standards
Annual program assessment/action report
Quarterly assessment
Formulary review and recommendations
Guideline/protocol adaption and implementation
CE programming to support ASP  
Analyze and report data on ASP initiatives  
Prospective audit and review2    
Prior authorization/restricted antimicrobial program    
Patient and family education resources    
NHSN reporting    
Implement ASP improvement initiatives3 Led by UW Health Led by institution Suggestions
Microbiology lab optimization4 Led by UW Health Led by institution Suggestions
Outpatient antimicrobial stewardship Additional fee Additional fee Additional fee

1. If necessary. If program already in place with physician and/or pharmacist leaders assigned, UW Health role will be supportive

2. Requires Epic 2015 and commitment to build and support minimally invasive stewardship interventions and tracking

3. Examples include: antibiotic order form, indications, PK/PD and renal dose optimization strategies, route interchange, antibiotic allergy

4. Rapid diagnostics, cascade reporting