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Through the video below, Katherine Bonus, MA, manager of UW Health's Mindfulness program, discusses the feelings of loss and grief, and offers an exercise for helping to recognize the feelings and begin to cope with them.


As human beings, we experience a sense of loss in many forms from a sense of sadness resulting from change, disappointments or personal hardships, or grief from the loss of a loved one. These feelings can show up in many forms, from anger to sadness or even fear or anxiety. But they all rest under a "blanket of grief." We may try to ignore the feelings, or cover them by consuming food or other substances, or just staying busy.


While everyone will offer timelines for experiencing grief, whether it is three days or a few months, the reality is, grief has its own timeline and there is no time limit on how and when individuals will, or should, experience it.


Learning to treat our grief with patience and kindness offers us a chance to find a deeper understanding in our own life and for the lives of others.



Coping with Grief and Loss