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UW Health Integrative Health Healing Touch: man receiving a head massageUW Health Integrative Health's Healing Touch is a non-invasive therapy that can be included as part of a holistic approach to self-care.
This gentle practice may provide the recipient with mental calmness and an improved sense of well-being.


First, the practitioner conducts a short interview to learn about the individual's needs and concerns. The session takes place with the client either sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table, fully clothed, with the option of removing his/her shoes. The practitioner's hands lightly touch or are held a few inches away from the body. Most participants report feeling relaxed and calm after a session.


Healing Touch is appropriate for all age groups. Participants often report: 
  • Increased sense of physical and mental relaxation
  • Reduction in anxiety and perception of stress
  • Decreased levels of pain and tension
  • Improved overall sense of well-being



Inpatient Healing Touch

UW Health's Integrative Health program offers Healing Touch treatments for inpatients. Learn more about our Inpatient Services



Healing Touch sessions are offered Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings/early afternoons at the UW Health Research Park Clinic, and one Monday afternoon per month at UW Health at The American Center. Call (608) 262-WELL (262-9355) for more information or to schedule an appointment.
Outpatient sessions are also available for cancer patients at the UW Carbone Cancer Center on Tuesdays. Patients should call (608) 265-1700 to schedule there.


The cost is $85 per session. Payment at the time of the treatment is required. We accept cash, checks or Visa and MasterCard. Gift certificates are also available.