Donate to Mindfulness and Integrative Health Programs

Integrative Health specialists offer services that draw from both conventional and complementary medicine. Dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potential for wellness, we have a healing-oriented philosophy that focuses on less invasive therapies to help remove barriers that may be blocking the body's ability to heal.


There are two funds you can select from within the form below.


Mindfulness – Stress Reduction Program Fund


UW Health Mindfulness Program is committed to improving the health and well-being of all people. Your donations help to support our efforts to expand the reach of our offerings into underserved communities, such as:

  • The development of a mindfulness course to be offered by and for Spanish-speaking teachers and staff within the Madison schools
  • Scholarships to our classes for those who need financial assistance
  • Training for our instructors to support the development of curriculum that is equitable and accessible to diverse populations

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Integrative Health Funds


Funds donated to the Integrative Health Fund are used to provide:

  • Our complementary services like massage therapy and acupuncture to patients within the hospital
  • Training and continuing education for our providers
  • Financial assistance for clients

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