An Acupuncture Patient Praises Colleen Lewis


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Integrative Health acupuncturist Colleen Lewis

"I was sick with gastrointestinal, gynecological and other related symptoms for over a year. After a plethora of doctors' appointments, exams and lab tests, the medical community was at a loss to assist. Test after test came back negative, and the medical diagnostics were unable to pinpoint, and more importantly, resolve the problem.


"I lost almost approximately 20 pounds because there were so many foods I could not eat. Foods caused severe, adverse physical reactions. Gynecologists, primary physicians, allergists, ultrasound ad scanning technicians, gastroenterologists, and ER doctors were all unable to help. Eventually, I was referred to Colleen Lewis for acupuncture, and after just six appointments had already recovered 80 percent. Foods I was previously unable to eat, I was able to successfully re-introduce over time.


"Colleen diagnosed my condition as an 'energy' problem. As my body regained inner balance, painful symptoms began to diminish. I can now eat almost everything again, except for a few items. I am extremely grateful to Colleen for her attentive ear, compassion and professional acupuncture services. For me, acupuncture brought about the healing that no one else was able to do."


- (Patient Name Confidential)