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UW Health Integrative Health massage therapist Michael Johnson

When I decided to try myofascial release for treatment of my hip adductor injury I had no prior knowledge of this therapy. I was receiving traditional physical therapy, and my PT thought that some "massage therapy" might be helpful. I injured my adductors slipping on the ice last winter – the injury kept me from working, and also exacerbated my previous sciatica and scoliosis issues. Myofascial release provided the best relief and recovery for my acute injury, and I have also been able to address many of my sciatica and scoliosis issues from the self treatment that I have learned.

My therapist, Mike Johnson, has been a wonderful source of information and support for me. I am continuing to receive treatments, more as a preventive measure now, in conjunction with my own self care. I have shared my success story with many others since I had such a good outcome. I truly believe that the myofascial release treatment allowed me to return to work earlier than expected, and is allowing me to be more functional with fewer adverse effects from my scoliosis.

 - Judy, RN