A Feldenkrais Participant Praises the Program


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Feldenkrais instructor Hagit Vardi
Hagit Vardi

Paula describes the benefits she got from working with Feldenkrais practitioner Hagit Vardi, who provides both individual sessions (Functional Integration) and Awareness Through Movement classes at UW Health's Fitness Center:


"Functional integration: I have suffered for three decades with chronic neck and shoulder pain, with terrible posture. Over this time I have attended different treatment methods, including osteopathic, PT, massage therapy, extensive chiropractic and others. Most gave up on me and said there was nothing further they could do. Feldenkrais has allowed me to regain function and movement in my cervical vertebrae and shoulders. I saw my chiropractor recently for an acute event, and she commented that my hips had always gone one way, my torso another. Now I was straight on the table! No matter what she had done, this had never occurred. She confirmed that I now have movement in my cervical vertebrae.

Awareness through movement: I am enjoying exploring different ways to organize my movements. I have tried to incorporate this in my daily life. While there is still room to improve, Feldenkrais has given me hope."